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      I have decided to import my RHD V8 Disco 3 since I will be staying in Sweden for some years.

      For the technical inspection I have been told that the lights will need changed to LHD ones and the same for the fog lights. I had intended to just flick the switch within the lights to make sure it was centred and not dazzling oncoming traffic, but apparently that’s not enough?!

      A couple of questions:
      Does anyone have any experience with this and can offer any advice?
      Can I switch to non bi xenon without any issue (car came with that option from factory)
      Does anyone have any LHD lights for sale or places I could consider to buy?

      Thanks in advance for your help!


      For fog lights, I think you can just pull the fuse. It’s not mandatory that the fog lights work but if they do, the beam pattern needs to be correct.

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        Thanks for the advice and link! Are the fog lights easy to change?

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